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LED Sign Facts:

  • The sign in Fort Calhoun can display up to 68 Billion colors.
  • That same sign can display words, clip art, motion graphics, and video.
  • LEDs are highly energy efficient and are now being implemented in many residential applications like decorative lighting and televisions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

Q: How long will my ad run?

A: Ads are displayed between 5-7 secs a piece, and contain as many slides as is requested during that time per

Q: What can I run an ad for?
A: We runs ads for pretty much anything, but do reserve the right to refuse any ad.

Q: Can ads run on staggered days rather then consecutively? For example a 3 day ad that runs three Mondays in June.

A: Certainly, purchased days can be run in a variety of patterns.